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Fieldwork “Ayo olopon and other games”

Cover ENG Fieldwork Ayo olopon and other games

The fieldwork “Ayo olopon and other games. Some newly described mancala games from southwestern Nigeria” is just published.

This fieldwork about Ayo olopon and other mancala games was performed by Vicenta Canal, Bernat Casanovas and Jordi Climent on July 2009 in Lagos and other cities and towns in southwestern Nigeria. This paper describes in detail the rules of 7 mancala games and other 4 variants. Most of these games have never been reported or described.

Ayo olopon is the manner how Yoruba people call oware game. Nowadays if you have the opportunity to travel to southwestern Nigeria you can see elders and youth playing Ayo olopon and other mancala games on their streets distributing simple counters one by one in successive holes around the board.

A total amount of 11 olopon games are described. These games are played in Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ilesa, Oshogbo, Ile-Ife, Ilobu and Oyo.

For each game was collected or attempted to collect at least the following information: name of the game and meaning; main informant(s), venue, date of research; and game summary (type of board, number of counters, initial arrangement, direction of play, type of seeding, where and how is the harvesting performed, goal of the game, when and how the game ends).

You can read this fieldwork for free clicking here or in the embedded publication below:

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