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South Asia

asia meridional1 South Asia

South Asia or Indian subcontinent is the southern region of the Asian continent that comprises the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Butan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Myanmar and Tibet are also included in this region.

Iran often is categorized as part of the Western Asia (Middle East), and sometimes Afghanistan as part of Central Asia.

In the following lines there is a list of mancala games traditionally played in South Asia, which you can find in this site:

regles aligulimane fig 00 South AsiaAli Guli Mane – is a traditional mancala game that is still played today in the State of Karnataka (former Mysore State), in Southern India, both by young and old people. It is also known as Aligulimane or Alugulimane. The board (called “Mane”) is made out of wood and sometimes of metal. In earlier days, boards were even carved into stone slabs.

regles pallankuzhi fig 00 South AsiaCenne – is a mancala game played in Tulu Nadu, Southern India. This game, usually is called with the generic word Cenne mane, Chenne mane or Chennemane. It was first described in 1986 by the ethnologyst Peter J. Claus, professor at the State University of California at Hayward (USA).

regles pallankuzhi fig 00 South AsiaPallankuzhi - is one of the South Asian mancala games. This game is played in Southern India (at the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka) and in northern Sri Lanka. It is known with many names depending on the languages and places where is played.

regles pasu pondi fig 00 South AsiaPasu Pondi – also known as Pallanguzhi Attam or Pondi Attam, is a very old mancala game played traditionally in indoor places, mostly by Tamil women in rural Tamil Nadu, South India. Sometimes it is played in the open as well. Pallanguzhi Attam is also a generic term that encompasses several varieties of Mancala games from Tamil Nadu.

regles tchuka ruma 00 South AsiaTchuca Ruma – comes from Eastern India and it is considered the cleverest of the Mancala games for one player. It consists of a board with five holes in line and the biggest one is on the right and is called Ruma. The aim of the game is to put all the seeds inside Ruma with correct movements, according to the rules of the game.

regles vai lung thlan fig 00 South AsiaVai Lung Thlan – is played in the Indian state of Mizoram by Mizo people (also known as Lushai people) who live in Lushai Mountains between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Is played on boards with two rows of six holes. 5 seeds are placed in each hole at the start of the game. Is played in clockwise direction and captures are performed in both sides of the board.

CANSU015IND3 South Asia

Pallankuzhi board game from India. Private collection. Photo: Jordi Climent © 2008 All rights reserved.


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