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Central, North and East Asia

Asia est nord central1 Central, North and East AsiaCentral Asia varies considerably according to the adopted criteria: geographic, linguistic, cultural or political. There is a general consensus on some geographic areas defined that definitely belong like these five republics of the former Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

It is also considered part of this region, due to links geographical, historical and cultural: the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Republic of China), and members of the Russian Federation: the Kalmyk Republic, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Altai, the Republic of Tuva, the Republic of Buryatia and the Republic of Sakha.

North Asia or Northern Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the Asian portion of Russia (Siberian Federal District and Far Eastern Federal District).

East Asia or Eastern Asia is the subregion of Asia that contains the Republic of China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan. And the territories of Hong Kong (RPC), Macau (RPC) and Tibet (RPC).

In the following lines there is a list of mancala games traditionally played in Central, North and East Asia, which you can find in this site:

  1. Ceelkoqyuqkoqiji
  2. Dongjintian
  3. Dong Wo
  4. Eson Khorgol 
  5. Laomuzhukeng
  6. Laomuzhuqi
  7. Laomuzhuqi nx5
  8. Toguz kumalak (Тогыз кумалак)
  9. Yucebao


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